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Rate Structure for Residential Customers:
0 — 2,000 gallons $29.00 minimum
2,100 — 7,000 gallons $ 6.50 per thousand
7,100 — 9,000 gallons $ 8.50 per thousand
9,100 — up $ 10.50 per thousand

Impact Fees (for any customer requesting a new meter installation):
$1000.00 per meter

Commercial Rate: *
0 — 2,000 gallons $47.00 minimum
2,100 — 5,000 $23.00 (for additional 3,000 gallons)
5,100 – up $9.50 per thousand

Meter Installation:
$1,000.00 — ¾” meter
$1,400.00 — 1” meter

Activation Fee (for ALL new account set-ups):
*please note: this $100.00 fee must be paid each time and on each property even if you are a current
customer moving to a different location on the system or if you have more than one property. This fee

Deposit Fee:
$200.00—For: 1. Rental property customers (rental of land, home, or both) 2. NO Lease with Option to Buy will waive the deposit. You must have actual homeowner proof of purchase papers.  3. When a deposit customer’s account is closed out, any balance can be paid by the customer or will be deducted from the deposit.  Any remaining balance will be refunded thereafter.  4. Any unusual situation as deemed appropriate by the system.

$500.00—For: 1. If you have previously been on the System and left owing a bill and/or have been forwarded to the collection agency for the balance owing or anything indicating you had unsatisfactory credit with the System.

ALL PAST DUE FUNDS must be brought current as well as the deposit and activation fee paid upfront before water will be turned on.

NOTE: If you are a homeowner renting your property and you have an outstanding balance due the System,
these funds MUST be paid before we can connect water for your tenant.

2-Month Delinquency Fee:
$100.00 per occurrence, no exceptions
**please note, written notices are NOT sent out to anyone before cutoffs are done (two month
delinquencies are noted on the monthly bills) and cutoffs may be done anytime after the bill due date
of the 15th of each month.**

Returned Item Fee:
$30.00 per returned item from your bank.
If over 3 returned item are received, no further checks will be accepted.

Rule for Returned Item on a 2-Month Delinquent Account:
If a check is received in our office to pay a 2-month delinquent account to have your water service
restored and the check is returned by your bank, you will be subject to the $30.00 returned item fee, a
$100.00 2-Month Delinquency Fee and will be locked up immediately upon receipt of the returned item
without notification to you. All water usage and fees must be paid by cash, money order, or
credit/debit card before water will be restored.

Cut Lock and Tampering Fee:
$50.00–cut lock charge
$200.00–tampering fee for cutting lock or any other tampering with meter